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Monday, February 12, 2007

Bye-Bye, Beige (fingers crossed)

So the hot Buena Vista Road trend for exterior house color for the last few years has been beige. Boring, boring beige. House after house on Buena Vista that's been reno'ed or rehabbed has been painted beige, with darker beige shutters, with only the occasional foray into a different color: newborn poop green (corner of Buena Vista and Robinhood, plus corner of Buena Vista and Merry Acres). I've loathed every second of it.

Recently the owners of the house on the corner of Buena Vista and Oaklawn started doing a lot of work. The house was a dark red brick, unpainted. I waited, knowing that most likely one day I would drive by and find it painted. And I knew that if they kept within the Buena Vista box, it would be boring, boring beige.

Today, my friends, was that day. But to my delighted surprise, the owners painted it white, with green shutters and a green roof, a local hat tip to Reynolda Village, and an utterly charming one. It looks lovely, and I completely covet how neat and clean it looks.

I just hope it's enough to break the Curse of Buena Vista Beige for future home renovators.
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