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Friday, February 23, 2007

Black Beauty

The wind howled yesterday afternoon and evening. The maple entered my consciousness sometime around 4 pm. Thereafter, I checked it obsessively, hoping it wouldn't fall over in a gust of wind and kill my whole family.

When we bought this house two years and some ago, the maple was one of my favorite things about the house. Fully mature, it offered a leafy canopy of shade during hot months, a veritable bonanza of brightly colored leaves during fall, a stage for squirrels and birds during winter.

And then the lightning hit last summer.

After that, the bark started turning, well, black. And now it looks like this, and no, that's not all shadow.

I wanted to wait until spring to see if leaf buds formed, but those holes in the above picture are woodpecker holes, and last time I walked by, the fresh ones had water under them, so I think the tree may be waterlogged inside, i.e. rotting. I think sob we may have to put my maple to sleep.

I need an arborist recommendation, y'all.

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