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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wikipedia defines itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." Generally, it's well done, and sometimes one can learn a thing or two. For example, here's a bit of the entry on our own local Reynolds High School:

Reynolds is also known by the nickname "Society Hill" and is often thought of as home to the children of Winston-Salem's economic elitè -- to some extent this is true, as the school is situated in the midst in an upper-middle class neighborhood and many of the students come from upper-middle class homes. This fact, however, is tempered by the substantial presence of middle- and lower-class students.

R.J. Reynolds is a long-time chief rival of the nearby and much newer Mount Tabor High School. This rivalry is fed by the fact that many students developed friendships across school lines. The schools are close enough that neighborhood friends often wind up split between the two schools.

More recently, a rivalry has formed between Reynolds and the new Reagan High School due to several students and teachers having left Reynolds to attend or teach at Reagan. Also, there have been accounts of Reagan students vandalizing Reynolds, further fueling the newly formed rivalry.

See, I didn't know about the Reynolds-Reagan rivalry, probably because my children are much younger, and I certainly didn't know about any rivalry vandalism at Reynolds. But it would appear that actually West Forsyth has the larger problem with vandalism, at least wiki-vandalism.

West Forsyth had also been noted for their exceptional amount of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. They currently have the highest STD rate in the state with approximately 67% of students contracting diseases

Something tells me that's not quite accurate.

Occasionally a small bit of personal opinion creeps into an entry, though only temporarily; Wikipedia's users almost always remove such content upon discovery. Also from the West Forsyth High School entry:

The cafeteria sells a decent variety of food yet finds it nessesary to charge extra for more ketchup.

Myself, I'm not a registered Wikipedia editor-person, nor do I intend to become one, but I do think the entire concept is kind of fascinating.
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