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Thursday, January 25, 2007

To The Person Who Designed this House

Wow! You certainly made some perplexing choices. This morning, I'd like to talk about your decision to put chair railing around the entire bedroom hall.

I just spent HALF AN HOUR cleaning chair railing in a hall that guests rarely see because the bedrooms are off of it. There are EIGHT doors off of that hall, but then, you know that, since you designed this house. Your chair railing plus your layount creates, count 'em, TWENTY little creepy chair railing corners for dust to settle in. Have I mentioned how hard it is to clean those little corners? Have I mentioned that it takes a good thirty minutes every week? I just did? Well, it bears repeating.

I took almost two weeks off from cleaning them in protest. Then this morning I found the youngest with his fingers jammed into the corner next to a door. I said, "Honey, what are you doing?" He shrugged and said, "I tink I petting da cat, Momma." Then he pulled his hand back and looked at it. A thick, furry dustbunny clung to one finger. He begged me to let him keep it, but I couldn't hear him over the roar of the Dyson as I fired 'er up and attacked the corners anew.

So thank you so much for your interesting decision to put chair rail all the way around the bedroom hall. Lord knows what I would do with that extra half hour a week.


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