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Sunday, December 17, 2006

We found it

We were driving down Miller Street when the oldest pointed out the obvious: You know what, Mom? In the daytime? The super decorated houses look kind of junky.

Finally, finally, he understood why I said no to a kablillion inflatables, a plastic snowman, and some large wire reindeer. Hallelujah.

And so we began to look for the ultimately decorated, local house that satisfied both my requirements, to wit,

1. relatively tasteful
2. does not look trashy during daylight hours

and his requirements

1. looks fun and festive
2. nighttime visibility

In the last two weeks, we drove by many House Beautiful designs, with wreaths on each window and white candles in each window, but the oldest found those houses "yawn." And I wasn't willing to bend on my daytime non-foolishness requirement. And so for a while, it looked like we would never agree.

And then, last night, we finally found The House.

From Polo, take a right on Robinhood, so that you are heading away from town. Just as you pass Olivet Church Road on the right, look to your left. There, in the night, you will see a house where someone has used multicolored lights to outline the lines of the house. That's it.

The oldest loves that it looks like a gingerbread house, and I adore the multicolored lights when they aren't competing against any yard nonsense. I'm going to try to head that way toward dusk so I can get a picture to post here. It's lovely, y'all.
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