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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Someone clever asked where I was going that I was at Wachovia and Brookstown. OK, I'll tell you, but try to keep it quiet: I went to the best kept shopping secret in Winston-Salem.

At the Winston-Salem Visitor Center, among other items, you can find tasteful books of local postcards, tasteful Moravian star kits, tasteful Moravian star ornaments that turn over into candleholders, tasteful pewter ornaments of the coffeepot and other local vistas. Yeah, you can find this stuff elsewhere in town, but the prices at the Visitor Center are incredible. Seriously.

You can also find things you will not be able to find elsewhere: local items with some kick. Yes, these are Winston-Salem shotglasses. Spoon collector? No worries, you're covered, too.

My favorite items the Visitor Center sells are copies of vintage postcards made into greetings cards.

But best of all, the Visitor Center is home to an Art-o-Mat. And I was finally able to find a Herbert Hoover cracker! Hurrah!

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