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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Light in the Night

"Lucy, I was mortified," my friend K. drawls. "Last year, I drove around your neighborhood and mine and realized ours was the only house without them! Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"I'm sure anyone who even noticed remembered you came here from Tennessee. You couldn't have been expected to know."

"Mor-tuh-fied," K. repeats, enunciating each syllable for emphasis. "Anyway, this year I have twenty-four. I am prepared."

I crack up. This is K. at her finest. If a Christmas tree could be lit with two strands of lights, she puts ten on. Her tree doesn't merely twinkle; it blazes. And so it seems right that her road frontage and driveway will be adorned with twenty-four luminaries when half that number would do.

My own luminaries wait in their kits by my front door. Tomorrow afternoon, I will set them up. Tomorrow evening, I will light them. Tomorrow night, I will tell my children to come out on the front porch and look down the street. They will ooh and ahh and tell me the street looks like an airport runway, and I will revel in their joy and wish for the same for the families helped by the luminaries.

More information on The Light A Luminary Project, benefitting the Winston-Salem Ronald McDonald House

kits contain everything needed: sand, white bags, candles, and directions
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