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Saturday, December 30, 2006


All yesterday, I convinced myself that I wasn't really getting sick, that I was just mourning. I don't know why I thought sadness could cause swollen glands and a progressively worsening sore throat, but dismiss the symptoms I did.

By ten oclock last night, I no longer could so I went to bed. Midnight found me back out of bed and walking about the house whining. Somewhere after two in the morning, I was able to fall half asleep. Come six-thirty though, I could no longer swallow, so I got up and started getting dressed to be at Primecare by eight when the doors opened.

At eight-forty this morning, I was pulling into the first pharmacy, prescription paper for two meds in hand.

CVS pharmacist: We have one of these. I would have to order the other one. It would be here by Tuesday. Probably.

Esbee: Thank you, but I'll try elsewhere.

Walgreen's pharmacist: (without checking the computer) I don't have these.

Esbee: Um, could you call the Walgreens on Cloverdale and see if they do?

Walgreen's pharmacist: (without calling) They don't.

Eckerd pharmacist: I have one of these. The other one may have a generic; let me check. (works with computer for a minute) Yes, it does, but in several strength combinations, and I'm not sure which one he means. I'm going to call your doctor and we'll figure out which one is best for you. You go home and rest while I do this; it sometimes takes a little while. My name is Charmaine; I'll give you a call myself when I've heard back from him.

Esbee: I love you.
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