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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Reynolda Triangle

Remember how five days ago, while my husband was out of town, the car I was driving down Reynolda Road, kids in tow, died?

Right, right, I ended up with the big, white, rental Caddy as a result. Yeah, so I returned that today because the other household car came out of the shop where it was being inspected and having a few minor things done to it. And the one that died went into the shop. Got that? One in, one out.

So today my husband was out of town again. I was driving down Reynolda Road again. I had the kids in tow again. AND ANOTHER CAR DIED. I kid you not.

By "died", read "totalled, from a financial standpoint, in terms of repairs needed to even get the car safely near a roadway ever again."

Don't even ask me what we're going to do. We don't know yet. My husband has his truck, and I've borrowed a loaner from a friend's husband who works for Flow Motors, but only for tonight and tomorrow morning. I just couldn't bear to go right back to puffy rental marshmallow land.

I do know that whatever we do end up doing, I will hereafter avoid the Reynolda Triangle, which, unlike traditional, malevolent geometric shapes, is defined not only by location but also by circumstance.

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