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Saturday, November 18, 2006

ohm ohm ohm ohm ohm

When the youngest asked to ride Harry the Happy Dragon outside Harris Teeter, I obligingly dug through my purse for two quarters. He looked very sweet sitting on the dragon while the wee children's voices sang some ditty, so I took a picture.

When I came in for a closeup, I realized he didn't look so much sweet as drugged. It was then that I realized the wee children's voices were singing some insane, indoctrination-sounding ditty.

The snippet I heard went something like "I belong to you, Harry! I am happy with you, Harry!"

Then, all through the store, my darling child was singing part of the song over and over, but unfortunately his speech isn't very clear, so all I could make out was H! A! R-R-Y!

He's going to smother me with free cookies while I sleep or something. I just know it.
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