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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hello? Hello!

I was talking on the house phone late this afternoon when my cell phone began to ring. The incoming number was the local area code 336, but I didn't recognize the next seven digits. Still, I answered, and that's when I stepped directly into Strangeville. I thought to hang up several times, but the whole thing was so weird that it stunned me into a sort of stupor of inaction.

Esbee: Hello?

Woman: Hello!

Esbee: Hello...

Woman: Hello!

Esbee: Who is this, please?

Woman: Who is this, please?


Woman: (speaking away from phone) It's some woman. You talk.

Man in Background: Just hang up on her.

Esbee: Hello?

Woman: This is (Esbee's cell phone number).

Esbee: Yes, you've reached that number.

Woman: No, I haven't.

Esbee: I assure you you in fact have.

Woman: Where's Beryl, then?

Esbee: I don't know anyone by that name. I'm afraid you've reached a wrong number.

Woman (speaking away from phone) You were right. She is rude.

Man in Background: Tell her Beryl needs to call and then just hang up.

Woman: Beryl needs to call.

Esbee: Again, I don't know anyone by that name.

Woman: Then stop answering his phone!


Woman: (dramatic sigh) (disconnects)

Herewith is my public plea: Beryl, whoever you are, wherever you are, call. Not me. Them. Never, ever call me.
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