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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Local Holiday!

The Sunday Journal is full of fat circulars advertising wares one might want to purchase as Christmas gifts. Without fail, the circulars are from the large, "big box" stores or department stores. You know, the ones you see in every city, in every state, and, locally, on Hanes Mall Boulevard.

Accordingly, I've decided to compile a list of stores you won't find anywhere else. Forsyth County has its own local flavor, and these stores are a part of it. However, I know I don't know every local boutique, Mom n Pop, and indie store in the county. So although I threw the names and hyperlinks to a few up in the left column, I know there are many, many more, and I want to hear about them!

Give me - via email or by commenting here -

1. the name
2. the address (physical and/or www)
3. a brief description

of any locally based store you think I (and others) would enjoy shopping at this holiday season, and I'll add it to the list.

It's worth it in my mind to support as many small businesses as possible, lest the entire county one day end up looking like a Hanes Mall Boulevard strip mall. If you are a local shopkeeper, self-promotion is not only acceptable, it's heartily encouraged.
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