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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Enterprise. We'll pick you up.

I was whizzing down Reynolda with both kids in the back seat when it happened: my car flashed the scariest warning ever. It wasn't "CAR ON FIRE", but it might as well have been. Bottom line: it told me to turn off my car's engine IMMEDIATELY.

Well, now. This is what I needed.

Just for kicks sometime, just for fun, try to find a car repair place that will look at your car late on the Friday afternoon after a major holiday. For added fun, have your husband be out of town until late that night. And all your friends until Sunday. Haha. Hahahahahahahaha.

So that whole Enterprise thing? True. They picked us up. Sadly, they didn't have a Murcielago for rent as the oldest was hoping, but we will be bouncing around town for the next few days in a rather large, white Caddy with buff-colored, leather seats you sorta sink into. And the whole thing, from the moment of pickup to our walking in the house with the giant marshmallow swanky rental car parked in our driveway, took about 35 minutes.

PS: If you see me driving around town, maintain a safe distance. I've never driven an automatic transmission before.

PPS: There's actually at least one Murcielago in town, a yellow one. The oldest and I have seen it three times now.
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