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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Did you see us? Did you almost mow us down?

Yesterday was gorgeous out. Gorgeous. And we spent most of the day out in it delivering Cub Scout popcorn orders.

The youngest sat on one seat of our larger wagon, a bowl of popcorn on which to snack in his lap. The remainder of the wagon was taken up with boxes and tins to deliver. I pulled that wagon. The oldest pulled another, smaller wagon with more boxes and tins and The Clipboard, which is my organizational system of choice.

And so we stayed to the sides of the roads where there were so sidewalks. And where there were sidewalks, we used them happily, but they stop and start indiscriminately in this city. And often there are poles planted in the middle of them, making it impossible to get a wagon, even the small one, around.

We almost died roughly 6,723,483 times yesterday. Such a pretty city, but completely unsafe for pedestrians. This is probably my chief complaint about Winston-Salem.
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