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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

We have a Winner!

For the downtown identification contest, the winner is JEN, who correctly identified all 8 locations before anyone else.

The correct answers were:

1. Covered sidewalk next to Stevens Center on Marshall
2. Staircase in sunken park next to Sawtooth building on Marshall
3. Sideview of Forsyth County Sheriff's office from Third Street
4. Old Reynolds building
5. Mural in arts district on Trade
6. Millenium Center
7. Pig statue outside Kopper Kitchen on Fifth, next to Convention Center
8. Fountain on Marshall just outside W-S Journal offices

Many kudos to all who entered. The competition was fierce, with 3 and 7 proving the stumpers.

Jen, email me your (rough) schedule, and I will set up a time to treat you at Chelsee's.
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