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Friday, October 27, 2006

Oh, my

That's my usual response, I tell Jen.

We're sitting at Chelsee's, where I am treating her to her victory coffee, and we are talking about the phenomenon in Winston-Salem of strangers sharing somewhat personal things pretty much out of the blue. We're talking about this because a woman has just randomly shared with me, while conducting business, that her daughter has an appointment with a cardiologist that very afternoon. I say "randomly" because the conversation went like this:

Woman: Will this be all? My daughter has an appointment with a cardiologist this afternoon.

Esbee: (deer caught in headlights look) Oh, my.

I should also mention that I have never seen this woman before. We don't have a regular business relationship or any such.

And then my oh, my acted as an open, sesame, and the woman was telling me about her own heart murmur, so I gave the concerned-brow, closed-mouth, semi-smile, tilted-head nod.

Later at Chelsee's, I demonstrate the nod to Jen, who mirrors it right back, because she's used it, too. She's a funny girl. I'm glad she won so I could meet her.
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