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Friday, October 20, 2006

Get a job!

Periodically, out of curiosity, I read through the Forsyth County job openings. The general description for one currently open county job begins...

Exciting opportunity to improve the health of Forsyth County residents!

Wow. Sounds good so far! Rewarding even!

You will provide syphilis screenings via venipuncture to detainees of the Forsyth County Detention Center.

Um. Wait a minute. Needles? Inmates? Syphilis? Er...

As part of the screening process, you will educate detainees, in graphic and explicit detail, about signs and symptoms of syphilis...

What? Talk graphically with inmates about their hoohoos and yooyoos while waving a needle around trying to stick them? This sounds like a bad idea. I'm sorry, but you'd need something truly amazing to leverage this much ugsome.

Hmm... Maybe that's it.

Maybe it pays really, really well.

Starting Salary: $22,110

Or not.
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