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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Collecting Local Art on the Cheap

Can't be done, right? Wrong.

Art-o-mat makes it possible to buy art for $5 a pop, and I've compiled a list of the Art-o-mat artists from Winston-Salem. Click each name for an example of the artist's Art-o-mat offerings.

Mike Locke (and here's another pic of his work)
Woodie Anderson (who also made a few of these posters for a local band)
Laura Lashley (who also has a website)
Clark Whittington (who created Art-o-mat)

(If I were ever going to have another baby, and if I had oodles of cash just plunked into large bags at the back of my closet, I'd hire Laura Lashley to come paint some of her amazing animals all over the nursery. Like this one? Rocks.)
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