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Thursday, September 21, 2006


I took a break from wreath building yesterday to take the oldest and his friend B. to Cafe Gelato (On Reynolda across from Hanes Park). The oldest ordered chocolate, I ordered lemon, and B. ordered strawberry, but all three of us immediately piled some of ours on theirs and took some of theirs for ours, so we all tried all three. It was almost a spiritual experience. That good.

Then we tumbled across the road to Hanes Park, where the boys did what second grade boys do best when away from the eyes of girls and the mature fourth and fifth graders. Which is to say: act like kids. Pure abandon, pure glee, with no thought for whether or not something is "cool". Because I'm fairly certain that, under other circumstances, pretending to be trick-riding the toddler ride-ums is decidely not.

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