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Friday, September 29, 2006


In one hour, I will be entering the gates of the hallowed Dixie Classic Fairgrounds. I was there day before yesterday with the oldest, dropping off his entries, and, may I say, the Education Building is chock full of fabulousness this year.

I will be photoblogging from the fair, which means there will be many photos sent directly from the cameraphone to the blog (but few words until I come home and add them.) I've heard rumors that there are baby pot-bellied pigs to be seen and roosters with plumage that rivals peacocks. Of course, there is much, much more. Not all the photographs will be self-explanatory. I apologize in advance.

I hope to capture the essence of the fair for those of you who won't play hooky from work my husband or those of you who just refuse for no good reason to come helen losse. So check in often, or, better, yet, just come on down. Early Bird entry is only three bucks.
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