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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The best one, of course, is the one on Cloverdale near the big Harris Teeter. Second, I would put the one on Reynolda in the shopping center with the Lowe's. Waaaaaaaaay down at the bottom is the one on Hanes Mall Boulevard at the Target shopping center.

I speak, of course, of Dollar Stores. So much stuff you don't need, but heck, it's a dollar. So sometimes you find something you might not need at, say, $10 or even $5, but at $1?

Boy Howdy!

Like anyone who knows the first thing about me really would expect me to pass up the pink, cowgirl hat for $1. Note my The Sheriff Means Business look. Please don't confuse it with The Sheriff Has An Allergen in Her Eyes. I look fierce, I say, fierce.

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