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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have a good day then!

The youngest and I went to meet a friend and her son at Old Town Park this morning. We got there about 10:15 and, having never been there before, turned left into the recreation center parking lot instead of going right into the playground parking lot.

At least five older ladies walking to their cars gave us the suspicion-filled, staring stink-eye, stopping in their tracks and clutching red, padded mats to their chests as if my four year old and I were coming to rip them forcefully out of their clawlike vises. Following the Carolina Neighbor Code, I did the smile-and-nod to one we passed quite close to; her arm came up in front of her quite suddenly, and I saw she was holding her key out in front of her like a shiv.

I see on the community center schedule they must have been coming out of yoga class. I'm so glad they've found a way to relax!
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