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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A grand time at the Grand

We had the oldest's birthday party at The Grand 18 yesterday, just as he wanted. When we made the reservations, they were still showing movies starting at 10 am, so that's what we planned with Lisa Jones, the Grand's party planner: a 10:20 (or so) showing of How to Eat Fried Worms. But a week or so ago, the Grand changed their hours so that the ticket office didn't even open until noon.

Lisa Jones, who should be sainted, worked to accomodate us at our scheduled party time. This means she opened the entire theater just for us, had a crew staffing the snack counter just for us, had an usher and projectionist in place just for us, all so our little gaggle of second graders could watch a movie. She put the children in their own, private movie theater.

I'm fairly certain our party just set the bar unnaturally high, albeit inadvertantly.

(And the movie was phenom, even if I did shut my eyes during every worm-chew sequence.)
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