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Monday, September 18, 2006

Date: Today Place: Ace Hardware

Ace Man: Ma'am? Do you need any help?

Esbee: I'm looking for chicken wire?

Ace Man: At the counter in the back. To the right of the post counter.

(Ace Man walks just ahead of Esbee, then steps behind said counter to man it)

Esbee: Um. I need some about yea tall. (holds hand level with floor)

Ace Man: It comes on 50 foot rolls. 12 inches tall, 18 inches tall, this is 24...

Esbee: May I see the 18 inch roll?

(Esbee fingers chicken wire lovingly.)

Ace Man: Is that what you need for...

Esbee: Yes, this is perfect. It's not actually for chickens.

Ace Man: (laughs) It never is anymore.

Esbee: It's for a Dixie Classic contest!

Ace Man: (looking stunned and ever so slightly alarmed) It is?

Esbee: Yep!

Ace Man: Which one?

Esbee: Artificial Wreath Decoration!

Ace Man:

(sound of crickets)

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