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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Book Deals

I had an email recently that asked why I haven't had a book deal yet. Book deal what?

It seems there are people who blog who end up with book deals. So I looked at some of their blogs. And then I looked at mine. And then I looked back at theirs. And then I looked back at mine. And a few key differences between their blogs and mine stood out.

1. I haven't been writing about hanging out (or staying in) with famous people.

2. My blog doesn't have intriguing quotes from others, commenting on my writing.

I chewed over these differences for a while, and, in light of the fact that I still am not chummy with Maya Angelou, I decided that the second one was the key.

I looked. And I looked.

See the upper lefthand column? That's it. I could find no more snippets on the web. Hmph. This doesn't bode well for the book deal. Solution?


Submit an intriguing, quotable comment via email. Bonus points for haiku or other equally affected constructions.

What does the winner get? Beyond seeing your words over there in italics you mean? Um... OK, if I ever get a book deal, I'll put a thank you in my acknowledgments. Yeah! Take that to the bank!

Contest ends Saturday, September 23rd at 11:59 pm. Winner to be announced the following Monday. Dixie Classic to begin the following Friday.
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