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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Party time

I took the oldest to see The Ant Bully yesterday. It was actually pretty decent, and mind you, I went into it rather grudgingly, I think because Antz, the other animated film I've seen featuring ants, stunk to high heaven.

The Ant Bully was being shown in Theater 3 of the new Grand 18 on University Parkway. While walking from the lobby to Theater 3, we passed them. Party rooms. Nice, clean party rooms. The oldest's head snapped to the side with military precision as we walked. Just as we reached the end of party room passing, he whispered one word. Yessss.

Now I only need to hope there's a good kids' movie out around his birthday, because we're not doing Barnyard. That movie's cows are anatomically a mess.
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