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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Le Zoo

My husband announced last night that his throat had been sore for four days now. So while he headed to Primecare today to wait we-had-no-idea-how long, I took the boys to Asheboro, home of the North Carolina Zoological Park.

We had a tremendously fine time. We jogged up hills, we jogged down hills, we played with the cooling mist shower. We bought foam animal hats (four, to be exact - two per child), we bought soft-serve cones (two - one per child), we bought bottles of water at $2.50 apiece (so many I lost count). We rode the trolley, and we rode the brand new carousel. We marveled at cacti, at bamboo, at tropical plants with leaves as large as the four year old.

What? The animals? You want to know if we enjoyed the animals?

Friend, I am here to tell you that those animals are no fools. It was 96 degrees in the shade. Do you think they were out roasting themselves for us? The vast majority stayed hidden, or inside, or in their "private spaces". Those that were out were those with clear heat coping mechanisms: the grizzly bear lying in his stream, the elephants caked with cooling mud.

So we saw the animals we could and found plenty of other stuff to enjoy. (Sincerely, the plants there are amazing.)

And tomorrow morning when my legs are too tired to walk down the driveway and my arms are too tired to carry the heavier Sunday Journal anyway, I'll smile when I remember that now I have seen a real, live warthog, even if he was the only animal I saw in a twenty minute stretch of vigorous walking. And that he was ugly-cute.

And Monday morning, by which time my legs should have stopped throbbing and I should have the strength to pick up the telephone again, I'll call a broker and try to buy some of that $2.50/bottle water stock.
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