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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Covering for The Dinner Belle

My dear friend Esbette and I couldn't help but notice that The Dinner Belle seems to have disappeared. Perhaps she's on vacation. Perhaps she's in jail. Who knows. Whatever the case, we decided to pony up to the bar and hold it up for her until she returns.

Esbette, hereafter referred to as 'Bette, and I decided to review a local restaurant's service at that most important meal of the day: Breakfast Food Not At Breakfast Time. Accordingly, we headed to Midtown Cafe and Dessertery, on Stratford Road. We were accompanied by my oldest son.

Oldest Son: Call me Thunder Man!

Esbee: What?

Oldest Son: In the blog. You're putting this in, aren't you? I know you are. Can I use your cameraphone? What should I take a picture of? Can I order two things? Are we having dessert?

Esbee: Calm down, Thunder Man.

Thunder Man: Ha!

'Bette: I can't help but notice there's no iceberg lettuce on this menu. What am I going to do for crispy greenness?

Esbee: At breakfast?

'Bette: Might want to check your watch there, slick.


Thunder Man: Ha!

At this point, the waitress arrived bearing our beverages. 'Bette had Sweet Tea, the oldest Thunder Man had chocolate milk, and I had coffee. Much small but clever talk ensued while we waited for our meals. When they arrived, we resumed our serious review.

Esbee: You know, I think if all my teeth ever fell out, I could still chew this bacon. It's that tender.

'Bette: Try dipping it in this cinnamon butter sauce I got with my French Toast.

Thunder Man (while putting salt and pepper on his pancakes): EW!

Esbee: I think it should be required by law to make omelettes with at least this much cheese.

'Bette: Did you just inhale your omelette? Seriously, where is it?

Esbee: Thunder Man, how is your Ride 'Em Cowboy?

Thunder Man: Good.

Esbee: Could we have a little more feedback?

Thunder Man: OK. It's really good.

'Bette: But you put pepper on it.

Thunder Man: I like spicy food.

'Bette: What is wrong with us? We just ate like six plates of food in ten minutes.

Esbee: Five plates. Are we using pictures of ourselves?

'Bette: Only if they're Teemified.

Esbee: Agreed. Thunder Man, you're on cameraphone. Try not to accidentally call Italy again.


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