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Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Can you handle it?"

That's what Marc Savard wants to know! Who's Marc Savard, you ask? Why, he's the hypnotist who will be at the Dixie Classic this year according to the 2006 Premium Catalog. And he has his own website where you can get all pumped up for him!

Because my oldest son is a huge Dixie Classic fiend, and because neither he nor I enjoy the really large rides, we spend a lot of time watching the free shows, many of which take themselves, very, very seriously. (See Savard, Marc.)

This year, we are promised:

But the most important info, of course, is the Grandstand Schedule

  • Fri 9/29 7:30 PM: DEMOLITION DERBY
  • Sat 9/30 7:30 PM: Figure 8 Racing
  • Sun 10/1 7:30 PM Pro Bull Riding Rodeo
  • Mon 10/2 7:30 PM: Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Tue 10/3 7:30 PM: Jason Aldean
  • Wed 10/4 7:30 PM: Jars of Clay
  • Thu 10/5 7:30 PM: DEMOLITION DERBY
  • Fri 10/6 7:30 PM: Figure 8 Racing
  • Sat 10/7 7:30 PM: Lawn Mower Racing
  • Sun 10/8 2:00 PM: OTTPA Tractor Pull
I'm hoping the flying dogs that caught frisbees (Air Dogs?) will be back again this year, plus the duck races. Both were very enjoyable excuses to sit down for a few minutes.

But go back to the attractions for a minute. Let's read the description of one, as provided on the Dixie Classic webpage.
The Dueling Pirates High Dive Show tells a salty tale of two ruthless pirate captins. The famed Captain Kidd and his arch nemesis, Calico Jack. Their battles over the years had become legendary. During the course of one of these battles both Captains had torn away half of a map- a map that would lead them to skull island, where a fortune in gold and jewels were buried in the sand! The battle includes high action stunts and pyrotechnic cannon explosions that not only blow our pirates off the towers, but also ignite one of them into a fiery ball!
I consider it my duty to be there, cameraphone in hand, to bring you exciting images from this pirate-infested extravaganza.
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