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Thursday, June 01, 2006

(whispering) kudzu

I looked up from the other side of my Magnolia tree today and realized we have kudzu, and it's trying to take over my tree from the top down. It's coming from the vacant house for sale behind us via the power lines, so I called Duke Power and pushed nineteen different options to get to "tree trimming". The nice lady promised someone would be out within 10 days to clean the lines. In 10 days, they won't be able to find the lines.

I used my super-scientific method of selecting a contractor to find a tree trimmer to clean out my Magnolia. This is how I found our plumber and electrician as well. To use this method:

1. Open phonebook.
2. Only look at box ads.
3. Look for "family-owned" companies.
4. Ignore any ad that seems like it cost too much as it's likely to be factored into price of work.
5. Ignore any ad with awful slogan.
6. (The most important step) Pick the name that catches your fancy.

Now I'm just waiting for Junior Farmer - real name - to call me back and let me know what time he'll be by.
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