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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Wachovia machine ate my Visa checkcard!

At least I hope it did. I went to the grocery last night after my husband got home. I grabbed $40 worth of groceries (for which I only paid $26.72, see my post below) and headed for self checkout. When I opened my wallet, I found... no card.

I checked my pockets, why I do not know, and found no card.
I checked the bottom of my purse and found no card.
I opened up the little zippy coin part of the wallet and found no card.

I remember taking money out to pay the sitter Saturday. Did I tip her with my bankcard? She was heading to the Wine Festival. OHMIGOD, HAVE I PAID FOR A CASE OF YADKIN VALLEY WINE? I'm thinking not. She would have mentioned it when we spoke later to set up a sit for today. Or she would have been slurring.

So I'm thinking I never got it out of the bank machine. And hopefully the machine ate it.

I called 1-800-WACHOVIA last night when I got home, having written a check for the groceries, a check that, when it cleared, made me thank God that if thieving vagabonds had indeed grabbed my card, they had at least left $26.72 in the account. Maybe my card was grabbed by a better sort of thieving vagabond!

Vanessa Icouldntunderstandherlastname at Wachovia was very kind. She went through my recent card activity (CVS, the Hairy Teeter, the money out of the machine) and determined that since my card not been used by anyone else, most likely the card would be available for pickup Monday morning at that branch. But knowing how things that seem OK can suddenly go very, very wrong in Le Monde d'Esbee, I went ahead and cancelled the card.
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