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Saturday, June 03, 2006

This is a Man's World

(bonus points if you can name who sings that title)

Alternate title: Look! The oldest favors me!

I took the oldest after school yesterday to get a haircut. He goes to a barbershop. A man's barbershop, as he's fond of saying. There's an old soda machine in the corner, a deer head mounted and a fish mounted on the wall, photos of old Piedmont airplanes, and two barbers who are father and son. The magazines are about hunting or cars, and there are tool catalogues. The men there don't much cotton to misbehavior, and they will call a child on it. As a woman, I am out of place so I keep pretty much quiet save to say "Shorter, please" or "Thank you", though I enjoy listening to the non-stop conversations.

So I was surprised yesterday to find the men, and every pleather-seated, metal-armed waiting chair was full, silent. Dead silent. Then I realized they were stunned beyond speech by the sight of twin 5 year old boys getting haircuts with pacifiers in their mouths. But as soon as the door closed behind those two boys and their mother, those men had plenty to say.
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