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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday is Funday

The boys are snuggled up on the loveseat in the den, under a blanket, watching a DVD and eating popcorn out of enormous bowls. I'm about to indulge myself in my favorite part of the newspaper: the coupons.

I am the dork who, in the grocery checkout line, doesn't give over her VIC card until the very end of the transaction, right before the coupons. I get a little rush watching the total drop. I secretly hope people are watching; I know they will be highly impressed with the coupon and VIC card prowess. I save my receipt for a day or two, just so I can examine it in minute detail, noting how $119.79 became $83.23 after the VIC card and coupons. If I have a choice between two items at the same price after VIC savings, you can be sure I'm buying the one that will subtract at the register.

One time I used register printout coupons for free items PLUS $2 off my total order PLUS my VIC card PLUS coupons. I got two bags of groceries, and I mean like full bags, for $6 and change. I saved that receipt for a month or so.

I'm off to clip coupons while my children watch their movie and eat microwave popcorn I bought for next to nothing.
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