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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The youngest and I headed downtown to Central Library for today's fire safety presentation and the opportunity to see a fire truck close up. We were not the only people with this idea; there were about 100 kids accompanied by perhaps 10 adults.

Sensing that this ratio might not be optimal, I elected that we bag the lecture and head straight out to the truck. This gave us the distinct advantage of having not one but two trucks all to ourselves. Also, no less than six firefighters to lift the youngest in and out of the trucks, show him all the nifty compartments, and listen to him lecture them on how to drive a firetruck, which was made possible by his roughly 496 viewings of the There Goes a Firetruck video.

We left just as all those children and their very, very few chaperones came out the side door, which was right after the pumper truck got a call and had to leave.

The youngest was quite sad the firefighters did not ask him to drive.
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