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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Notes from Camel City

1. I've pretty much decided to refer to this place as Camel City, its name in Trucker Speak, from now on.

2. The balloon-animal guy at Moe's didn't seem very enthused by my son's request of "a blue hippo". Wouldn't you think he would tire of making pink poodles?

3. We may go see Cars today. Have you heard of it? It's hardly being marketed at all.

4. After that, we may go to Miller Park, a.k.a. The Scene of the Crime. Or not; the poison ivy there is ferociously growing through the fences on all sides. Plus, last time I was there with my friend E., the woman right behind us started talking about how her daughter had been throwing up all morning so she decided fresh air was the best medicine so BROUGHT LITTLE MISS VOMIT TO THE PARK TO PLAY WITH ALL THE OTHER KIDS. We hotfooted it to Mayberry's, cajoling our kids with promises of foot long dogs and ice cream.
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