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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Negative Seven

Seven ways in which I think the Winston-Salem Journal could be improved.

1. On the left side of page A2, there is a daily column detailing celebrity gossip. I know people like to read this stuff, but I think it belongs in the Living section with all the other "fluff". That A2 space should be national or international news. It's the bang space, to where the eye naturally gravitates when one opens the paper for the first time. And right now that space is... is... très USAToday. And that's not a good thing.

2. "Ask Amy" needs to go. Her advice is not very good, and she constantly employs sweeping negative stereotypes. Men who don't notice what they're eating? Geezer parents? Enough. We've plenty of quite intelligent people in the Piedmont. I'd like to see the Journal employ one to write our own advice column rather than read syndicated blather.

3. A more comprehensive weekly calendar of events with suggested ages listed. This would actually be fairly easy to pull together. One has only to go to the library website, the park websites, the museum websites, BestHealth, etc, and then compile it. Currently the theatres and galleries are well represented, but other venues are left out cold.

4. I'd love for the Dinner Belle to expand her palate. She consistantly goes for dishes featuring iceberg lettuce. (If I read one more description of how crisp the iceberg lettuce is, I may scream. Of course it's crisp; it's iceberg, for goodness sake.)

more iceberg
still more iceberg
surprise! iceberg

And I'd love for her to heed my words in my previous Journal post. She doesn't need to go, but she does need tweaking.

5. I'd enjoy reading a female columnist, preferably in place of Scott Hollifield, whose columns never quite work.

6. As someone who reads the Journal voraciously and likes to argue about discuss what I read, I would appreciate more Person-On-The-Street bits, wherein a box occasionally accompanies an article, containing reactions from local people to the issue discussed in the article. In my fantasy paper, these reader reactions would give name, age, and occupation so I could get a feel for the person before heartily lauding, or decimating, his or her position to my politically opposite husband.

7. My seventh suggestion is hard to easily describe. So I went out and did it. (I like it so much that I'm going to make it a regular feature here. Journal be damned!)
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