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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I love the nightlife. I love to boogie.

My friend E. and I ditched fams last night to go out.

We ate dinner at the Mellow Mushroom, whose website almost made us not eat there. Then we read the Dinner Belle's review and really almost didn't go. (She wasn't kidding about the wait time on the pizza, either.) The "lil" caesar salads were superb, but the pizza, and we had the House Special, wasn't very good at all. Next time I'm just getting salad. Oh, and next time I'm taking coffee, because they don't offer any.

We thought about heading to Barnes & Noble to stalk the Scrabble Club, but, because we're true par-tee girls, we made the decision on the fly to head to the ever classic K-Mart, where we stayed until closing.

Rock on, Esbee and E.

(I actually like the K and dare anyone to disparage it in front of me. The only problem is that they never seem to be fully stocked and inevitably, the stores look shabby. That said, I love a good hunt, and last night the hunting was good. But I'm perpelexed as to why W-S only merits a "Big K" and Clemmons rates a "Super K".)
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