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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I bought SPAM

I bought SPAM at the grocery last night. Also, Mt. Olive pickles. I like the pickles. I don't care for SPAM. But I am bound and determined to win a ribbon at the Dixie Classic Fair this year, and both products offer vehicles for doing so.

This year's official rules aren't yet out, but SPAM last year paid $150 to the creator of the winning recipe as did Mt. Olive. If I also win Midstate Mills flour challenge ($150), Neese's incredibly processed meat products ($300 for two events), I can make some real money.

But the big kickers are the Village Tavern dessert contest ($600 to the winner) and Smitty's Fried Apple Pie contest ($700 to the winner).

I want a ribbon, and some cashmoney would be nice, too.

All the ribbons available.
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