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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Funking up Talbot's

I'm so glad I hit the first day of Talbot's semiannual sale on Thursday.

1. I ran into a girl with whom I was friendly 17 years ago, who has turned out to be delightful and quite funny. We had lunch. I am tickled to be back in touch with her.

2. I bought 4 tops and 2 skirts. I bought black, hot pink, and white in this shirt. Plus, I bought a shirt that doesn't exist on the website. I also bought this skirt in green, plus this skirt.

Now those who know me know that I am not a typical Talbot's girl. While I will wear the white shirt with the green skirt, I will probably pep it up with some kickass sandals and my ginormous Italian green purse.

Today I am wearing the hot pink shirt seen above with these pants in shades of beige and these sandals in beige, plus a very chunky necklace.

I look damn good, but not all Talbotsy.
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