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Sunday, June 18, 2006

de plane, de plane

When did Piedmont Triad International airport, formerly known as PTI, become GSO, aka Greensboro? When did High Point and Winston-Salem get cut out of the picture?

I spent Father's Day driving my father there to put him on the teeniest commercial plane ever. There were a good number of passengers waiting to get on; I bet they looked like clowns coming out of a VW Bug when they disembarked on the other end.

Not a bad airport, overall. I was able to procure actual fresh fruit for my father to eat, for one, and the whole airport was really, really clean, for two. Hourly parking wasn't a total gougefest either ($2.50 for 3 hours).

But I do wonder what this sign, located next to a door seemingly leading nowhere, means.

I was going to ask someone, but I forgot.
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