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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another epistle to Harris Teeter

This did not occur at my regular HT. This occurred two HTs away, the one my father insisted upon.

Dear Harris Teeter self checkout monitor dude:

When you see me pretty much run up to the self checkout* and use it as fast as I humanly can, throwing my stuff into bags as if it's a speed event, and when you comment that I seem to be in a big hurry and I reply, "Yes", do not seem to take personal offense that I'm not chattier. I don't have TIME to chat. That's the definition of HURRY. It's not PERSONAL. It's just that I'M IN A RUSH FOR A REASON.

So please refrain from continuing to try to talk to me, then pouting when I don't pick up your conversational gambit. I'm not the antichrist. I'm not rude. I'm just, as you can tell, IN A HURRY.

*PS: I'm not antisocial, but it occurs to me that perhaps some people may elect to use self checkout not because they are in a rush, but so they won't be forced into meaningless patter with a cashier? Just a thought.
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