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Monday, May 15, 2006


I'm sincerely contemplating buying a Toyota Yaris. I adore the neat look of the hatchback, in particular, in white. Like my own, personal eggmobile. And it gets up to 40 mpg! Fuel tank is 11.1 gallons, which means right now it would cost roughly $30 to power that puppy up from empty. And one would get up to 444 miles before one sputtered out.

My husband recently took my Passat in to have the oil changed. I wasn't even close to the odometer reading Jiffy Lube predicted for the time elapsed. In fact, when we did the math, we realized I had only driven 400 miles a month (versus the predicted 1000) during the last year. (OK, so my oil change was overdue if one goes by the calendar.)

So I could potentially gas up once a month. $30 a month for gas. $360 a year.

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