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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A is for Awkward

I took the children to Miller Park today to meet the new sitter. Another family (mother, one daughter, maybe 2 years old, plus a set of grandparents) showed up and the adults began to talk about my children. WITHIN EARSHOT. WITHOUT EVEN ATTEMPTING TO LOWER VOICES OR BE DISCREET ABOUT IT.

Some of the comments were innocuous: "See? That little boy is peddling." (They wanted the little girl to peddle her trike.) But others? Not so much. "He's too old to be crying!" "Now she's not going to peddle because he stopped. Why are they allowing him to push his bike?"

The grandmother was especially horrid, nagging the child and the mother pretty much nonstop, with periodic breaks to nag the grandfather for a little variety. At one point, she was standing maybe three feet in front of the bench on which the sitter, "A", and I were sitting. And she yells at the grandfather, standing about ten feet to the left of us, "You aren't looking!" He says something to the effect of he saw whatever it was, and she says, "No you didn't! You were looking at THEM!" and, extending her arm fully, points directly in our faces.

Hi! Don't mind us!

On a happy note, next to their weirdness, our family shone as a babysitting opportunity. Like the Holy Grail of childminding situations.
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