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Friday, May 19, 2006

The good, the bad, and the 8 ounces

Bad news: I didn't win at the Scrabble tourney last night, though I did snag a sweet Scrabble mug. I had to run across a ballroom and snatch it off the judges' centerpiece, but whatever, I have it. Ha.

Good news: I met a potential replacement babysitter, though she is only here for the summer, and then she's off to her senior year of university. But she has a fabulous sense of humor and much energy. And she didn't flinch at three dogs.

My husband joined me after work midway through the tourney, paying the $20 observer fee to do so. The poor man had been up since 4 am and didn't seem excited by the prospect of a cold supper at home, so after the tourney we stopped in the WS Prime Steakhouse, which is now our new favorite restaurant. I cannot say enough about the incredible food and service.

I was exhausted from a long day, and opening the menu, I thought it very considerate of them to list the Weight Watcher points next to each menu item. Then I realized those were the prices, but with no unit of currency. I'm therefore considering paying 28 yen for my filet mignon next time we go.
(Please ignore the photo quality. The lighting was flattering, i.e. dim, and I was trying to be covert about using my cameraphone on the menu.)
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