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Sunday, May 28, 2006

And they have coffee

Reading the paper this morning, I found an article about an exhibit opening at the Werehouse, which reads in part:

"A red-eyed rhinoceros with an exposed brain wears an industrial-looking backpack that sprouts six gun muzzles.

Two dinosaur-like creatures looking like escapees from a low-budget Japanese sci-fi film face off against one another as if in mortal combat.

A little girl, wearing glasses, uses a futuristic pistol to blast open the head of an extraterrestrial wielding a ray gun.

These are some of the characters and scenes featured in Ian Dennis' occasionally gruesome but entertaining exhibition at the Werehouse's Electric Moustache Gallery, on view through June 10."

The oldest will love it.

And there's a coffeehouse in the Werehouse.
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