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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

7th floor lab, Ardmore Tower, Brenner Children's Hospital

Today was the youngest's clinic day in hematology. Because I make his appointments for the morning and lab doesn't come up to the ninth floor until after lunch, we had to, as always, get his blood drawn back on the seventh floor, where we had an earlier appointment still with yet another doctor.

The youngest loathes blood draws, finger pricks, and anything involving needles. He also hates stickers and Band-Aids. This means that after his finger is stuck, the phlebotomist has to hold gauze on his finger for quite some time until it stops bleeding. Usually he entertains himself and those around him by engaging in some lusty, blood-curdling screaming. Today, however, he chose to mix it up by yelling, still lustily and blood-curdlingly, "Help! Help! I'm HEMORRHAGING! I'm HEMORRHAGING!"

As the DNA source from whence he gets his dramatic bent, I was rather proud.
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