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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our babysitter may be bolting

She's due to graduate from Wake Forest in mere weeks, no immediate plans thereafter, and she thinks she might move home. Her parents' home, not our home.

Which is a six hour drive from here.

Which would crimp our plans for her sitting for us every week from now until forever.

Tonight my husband and I went to Adventure Landing Miniature Golf while she minded the boys at our home. We played four rounds. At one point, a large contingent of fraternity-looking guys showed up to play. No girls, just guys. It was weird, but I took it for all it was worth, and, upon returning home, I tried to sell Winston-Salem to the babysitter as a hot, happening place full of large groups of preppyish men.

My husband just shook his head.

She can't leave.

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