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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I will not drive a minivan

Will not, will not, will not.

But I fear I am doomed to someday soon get a larger vehicle than my sweet VW Passat. I am fine with 2 kids in it, but add in a guest child, and one has to ride up front, as three boosters won't fit acros the back. Or let our family of four take my father somewhere, and I end up wedged in the back middle, with both children gleefully poking me and my husband trying to see above me in the rearview mirror. We could take my husband's car, I suppose, but it's yet another Passat.

I have no idea what I will end up with, but it cannot be a minivan, and it cannot be a VW Touareg, for the sole reason that the VW logo on the hood is roughly as large as a dinner plate. Completely ginormous and quite pimpin'.

Whatever it is, it will no doubt be from Carmax, though, as the last three vehicles we've purchased have been through them, and I cannot get over how easy it was.
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