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Friday, April 07, 2006

I think they were at Borders Cafe

I read a recent New York Times article about Winston-Salem, extolling a few of the city's more touristy virtues. (Here is a link to the article at a non-registration-required website.) When I read the first paragraph, I thought the journalist had clearly driven through the intersection at Patterson and 28th and picked up a little specialty homegrown to smoke.

WINSTON-SALEM is a place of unusual juxtapositions. At cafes, immaculately coiffed Southern socialites sit beside pierced and tattooed students from the North Carolina School of the Arts...

But today at the Borders on Stratford, at the outside seating area, I saw that very juxtaposition. And despite the gusts of wind, at speeds up to 25 mph if weather.com is to be believed, the socialite I saw's hair never moved. I don't think it's a coiffure; I think it's a battle helmet.
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