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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hello, ASPCA?

I'm not like turbo-crunch, but I am a little treehuggy. I have huge issues with the fuel efficiency of large vehicles, especially when most SUVs have a seating capacity of 5, the same as smaller passenger cars. I have been known to give Hummers the finger if the kids aren't with me. And I definitely am a recycling snob. I truly believe it should be mandatory.

But here's something I don't think should be recycled: taxidermied animals. I'm assuming that's what happened when SciWorks decided to decorate. I'd hate to think all those animals lost their lives specifically for third rate exhibits.

We're talking multitudes of taxidermied animals in one room, with a Hall of Horrors* just off it, featuring small exhibit cages with live animals: snakes going mad to get out, an owl cooped up forever with absolutely no private area in which to escape the prying eyes, a large number of grouse who will never see daylight again, and an iguana whose nails got stuck in his wire bed as we watched, leaving him temporarily stuck above the newspaper-floor of his enclosure.

Let's not forget to take into account Huey, the macaw, who was left to fend for himself (in a small cage in the room chockablock full of dead animals) against tormenting teens and screaming school-aged kids eager to make him squawk in distress, no museum employee in sight to monitor the bird, much less move him to a safe location when he was clearly distressed.

And all of it was ours to enjoy for a mere $32 for our family of four!

*Not the actual, official SciWorks name.
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